What do your lab tests mean?

Did you know that doctors base the majority of decisions about diagnosis and treatment on lab tests?

A blood sugar test to diagnose and monitor diabetes...a biopsy to check for cancer…prenatal testing to detect genetic diseases…enzyme analysis to identify heart disease…assessment of cells and tissues to aid surgical decisions - these and thousands of other tests performed by medical laboratory technologists (MLTs) provide the results other health professionals need to deliver the best care.

Who does your tests?

Ontario's 7,700 MLTs are highly trained professionals, with extensive clinical and procedural experience, who perform a critical role in the health system. Every day, they perform nearly half a million lab tests on blood, body fluids, and tissues. MLTs contribute to your care by doing everything from collecting specimens, to carrying out and monitoring procedures, to interpreting findings. MLTs are one of Ontario's 22 regulated health professions, which include doctors, nurses, pharmacists, and other members of the health care team.

Who protects your right to quality test results?

The College of Medical Laboratory Technologists of Ontario regulates MLTs to protect your right to safe, competent and ethical health care. As regulated health professionals, MLTs are held accountable for their conduct and practice. All members of the College meet strict training, safety and ethical standards. So you can have complete confidence in the MLTs doing your lab tests.


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